The DeFireX team thanks all users who have shown patience and helped the project!

During several months, we have been engaged in the development of new reliable farming mechanics, as well as research on promising blockchain trends.

The DeFireX team is one of the main partners of the project…

The DeFireX team is holding a campaign to unlock user funds on Venus smart contracts. We ask users not to FUD, but to show as active participation as possible.

DeFireX Roadmap for Unlocking Funds

1) We gonna audit the proposal for Venus in a large-scale company.

Preference is given to companies that have already audited the Venus protocol. This step is necessary…

q: How do I transfer assets to the Polygon Network (MATIC)?

a: Use bridge

When using a bridge, do not change the Transfer Mode.

By default, POS is used for all tokens (input 5–10 minutes, withdrawal 3 hours)

When using the Plasma Bridge type, the withdrawal of tokens will take 7 days.

q: How to pay commissions in the Polygon network (MATIC)?

a: Commissions are paid by the network token…

Recently we have announced that DeFireX launches the opportunity to gain profit without deposit by running special scripts on your own

The DeFireX team suggests the community to run scripts on their servers to keep the pools running as efficiently as possible! Sending useful transactions and keeping the script running will be rewarded with DFX tokens! Thus, users can now earn with the service without making a deposit!

There are two repositories below with information about how to run scripts for positions’ rewinding and automatic reinvestment:

Thanks for choosing the DeFireX platform for Yield Farming!

For rapid search and implementation of a solution to the problem with locked funds, we ask all participants to read our proposals and help in their implementation and inform the Venus team.

Due to the high volatility of BNB on April 12, the DeFireX team moved user funds from the…


DeFireX — the most profitable and relieble Yield Farming in DAI, ETH, USDC / protocol-based Compound

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