DeFireX Further Perspectives

2 min readOct 22, 2021


The DeFireX team thanks all users who have shown patience and helped the project!

During several months, we have been engaged in the development of new reliable farming mechanics, as well as research on promising blockchain trends.

The DeFireX team is one of the main partners of the project, so all DFX owners will participate in the AirDrop of valuable NFT playable characters in proportion to the time of ownership and the volume of DFX tokens.

The NFTcraft project has the following advantages and development perspectives:

- All NFT objects are backed by the Ethereum fund

- NFT objects can be developed, thereby their value and financial return increased

Thanks to our close cooperation with the Venus team, agreements were reached to jointly promote NFTcraft in the Venus community. Project also reached preliminary agreements with other top communities.

Binance representatives have confirmed their interest in the development of the NFTcraft project.

The alpha version of NFTcraft is already available for testing on the official game website

The potential and prospects of the project are confirmed by the fact that several leading game designers and engineers from large game projects and platforms have joined the team. We will announce more detailed information after the official registration of all documents.

For now, we can say that the new team members are leading specialists and top managers of large gaming projects.

The partnership with NFTcraft creates broad prospects for DeFireX further development and also provide the following opportunities:

- Part of the funds will be directed to DFX buyback from the market once all NFT objects are sold in NFTcraft

- Funds from the Ethereum fund will be stored on DeFireX farming contracts and will increase the TVL of the project

Users who have been familiar with DeFireX and our projects for a long time know the distinguishing feature of our team — as a rule, we release complex products faster than the whole market. This is exactly such a case.

While the entire market is showcasing White Papers and pretty pictures, NFTcraft already has an active game. The feature that sets NFTcraft apart from the market is that in-game NFTs are fully backed by ETH.

We also have agreements with major gaming guilds and a positive assessment of the concept and initial implementation of the NFTcraft project from one of the experienced companies in the field of investing in digital assets and GameFi.

The essence of this assessment is that most GameFi games do not have clear and interesting game goals. In our case, the game goals are simple and straightforward.

Check out the game here and here.

The support of the community is especially important to the DeFireX team for the successful launch of the project.




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