DFX token Airdrop for active users of the DeFireX platform

DFX tokens will be distributed among new active users of the platform who have a balance of at least $100 and subscribed to the main social networks of the platform.

The DeFireX project team has been working on a distribution model for its own DFX token for a long time and has chosen several solutions that have already proven their effectiveness in the market. Below we explain how the model works:

  • To reward users who actively use the service, a mechanism for validating participation in the Merkle tree project will be used.
  • Project management will be implemented through the Snapshot service, which allows you to take part in the voting of the project for free.
  • According to the tokenomics of the project, 15% of the profits received from strategies will be distributed to buy back the token from the decentralized pool on Uniswap or 1inch.
  • The redeemed tokens will be burned or distributed among users, who will drain the main token.

We plan to distribute the token and airdrop in March. The technical part and basic elements of tokenomics have already been developed, the project is at the stage of final testing.

You can find even more information on our social networks:

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