Ethereum <-> Polygon FAQ

2 min readJun 4, 2021


q: How do I transfer assets to the Polygon Network (MATIC)?

a: Use bridge

When using a bridge, do not change the Transfer Mode.

By default, POS is used for all tokens (input 5–10 minutes, withdrawal 3 hours)

When using the Plasma Bridge type, the withdrawal of tokens will take 7 days.

q: How to pay commissions in the Polygon network (MATIC)?

a: Commissions are paid by the network token — MATIC. Commissions are very low and even 1 MATIC (1.7 $)

enough for a long time. The MATIC token can be bought and thrown across the bridge, so

the DeFireX team can send a small amount of MATICs to their users for free to work on the network

q: How to get free MATIC?

a: MATIC for transactions is sent manually.

The number of MATICs is limited, up to 1 $ will be sent

MATIC to addresses that did not participate in transactions on the air and BSC is not sent.

To receive, you need to join the group and send your public address (where MATIC will be sent).

You can also get fast and free 0.005 MATIC here

This will be enough to exchange your main asset for the amount of MATIC you need.

a: At the moment there is no official bridge for transferring funds from BSC to Polygon (MATIC)

To transfer funds, you must first transfer them to the air through the exchange account Binance or bridge and then from the Ethereum to Polygon using the bridge

q: Are new pools expected to be added to the Polygon network?

a: Yes, new pools will be added during the week




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