Returning access to DeFireX users’ funds on Venus smart contracts

1 min readOct 9, 2021

The DeFireX team would like to thank the @VenusProtocol team, especially Danny (tg

@CrYpToLoGiC_010), and everyone involved for their help and support!

We are especially grateful to DeFireX users who patiently waited for the situation to be resolved. As a reward for their restraint exercises, the team distributed a total of $ 70,000 own funds on the interest rates on locked deposits.

XVS tokens that were credited to the smart contract cannot be withdrawn due to technical restrictions and will be located on the Venus contract.

All users of USDT and BUSD pools will receive their funds back ASAP. USDT and BUSD pools are available for withdrawal in the interface of the official DeFireX website. Click on the pool and then on the “withdraw” button. When withdrawing funds on the DeFireX website, the option “support the project” is available in the amount of 1% of withdrawn funds.

We will motivate all users to continue working with DeFireX: we plan to conduct AirDrop NFT and also give away other valuable rewards. Users with the most significant support will be rewarded with additional giveaways and NFTs.

Thanks to everyone who stayed with us!




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