Strategy for maximizing profitability and minimizing risks in DeFireX pools

3 min readApr 9, 2021


DeFireX strategy for the BUSD and USDT pools was not well covered and this led to some negative feedback about its implementation. Despite the fact that the strategy itself is unique and allows users to earn some of the highest percentages through basic farming of the most liquid and large projects supported by Binance, such as Venus and Pancake Swap, it also has minimal market risks.

The strategy used for the BUSD and USDT pools provides 30% -40% profitability from basic farming. Other projects provide similar profitability from the expense of their own token, which, with a larger emission, has less and less value.

USDT pool and BUSD pool on the DeFireX platform work according to the same scheme with different stablecoins. The user’s deposit is splitted into two parts, 70/30, where at 70% a loan is taken on Venus in BNB for the subsequent placement of the entire deposit in the pool on Pancake Swap. The user receives profit in USDT and DFX or BUSD and DFX, respectively.

The profit percentage is slightly volatile due to the volatility of BNB. If the user himself put his funds into the BNB / BUSD pool on Pancake Swap, then with a decrease in the price of BNB, the user’s position would be halved from the fall in BNB. Due to the fact that DeFireX splits the user’s deposit through borrowed money in Venus, the user’s risk is reduced by 30 times.

When the BNB price changes by 8%, the position is reduced by 0.14% on DeFireX. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage of the DeFireX strategy: a decrease in the value of a user’s position occurs both with a decrease in the BNB rate and with its growth. This is a kind of payment for the fact that users do not have risk along with the decrease in the value of BNB.

DeFireX developers have found a solution to the strategy problem. BUSD pool, which is free of market risk, will be offered today. There will also be launched new pools with the most profitable farming of top cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH. The basic profitability from the main farming will be 20–25% + the profitability from the DFX token farming up to 300%.

The existing pools will also remain available. DeFireX team is going to explain in more detail the operation of the strategy used in other DeFireX pools:

In DFX pool, a user deposits DFX tokens into a smart contract and then a profit is added with each block. DFX pool gives a yield of 80–200%, APY is based on the performance of other DeFireX farming pools, since 30% of the profits of all DeFireX farming pools are sent for token buyback and transferred to DFX stakers as a reward. To increase your income, fix your profits in DFX tokens and send them back to farming in the DFX staking pool. There is no automatic reinvestment on the platform.

In DFX / BUSD pool, the user earns income for providing liquidity to the PancakeSwap pool. The pool liquidity is provided in a 50/50 DFX / BUSD ratio, in return the user receives DFX-BUSD-LP tokens. The user then deposits these tokens into the DFX / BUSD pool on DeFireX. Profit is accrued in DFX tokens. The percentage of return depends on the amount of liquidity in the pool.

To maximize income in the DFX / BUSD pool, profit should be fixed at a token price close to the one at which the user enters the pool. Another way is to wait until the DFX rewards cover the difference in the rate. To increase your income, fix your profits in DFX tokens and send them to the DFX staking pool.

Any activity on the BSC network requires a BNB balance on Metamask to pay network fees. DeFireX does not charge additional I / O fees.

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