The DeFireX team has decided to postpone the launch of the XVS collection company by 21 days

2 min readJul 16, 2021

All paid articles in major media, agreements with influencers and other activities have also been postponed for 21 days. Now the representative of Venus is always in touch, both teams are working under the problem solution, the deadlines are set and here is an official confirmation from Venus.

The collection has been postponed since Venus support is critically important for swift funds releasing.

For three months we have been trying to get the team’s attention to our problem, since most of the tokens are concentrated in their hands. We believe that the new Venus team is open to dialogue and ready to resolve shortly the issue of blocked funds after they are well-done with existing tasks.

The dynamics of negotiations with Venus are positive, and the program code of the proposal is absolutely safe, — these give hope that they will keep their promise and will consider our issue within 21 days. There are conversations on this topic in the Venus chat, in private dialogues and on the Venus forum.

The proposed program code is publicly available here.

If for any reason the problem is not resolved after 21 days, the XVS collection campaign will be launched, along with all planned marketing activities.

The DeFireX team does not give up no matter what! We are very busy with a major update right now, which will be covered in more detail soon. We can only say that DeFireX will look completely different thanks to a product that the DeFi market has not seen yet!

Thank you for your faith in our team and project.




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